Friday, January 09, 2004

Iowa Public Television - Raising Us Out of the Mire

IPTV had a restrospective on this evening featuring some of Iowa's most beloved animals. Included were a two headed pig - freakish and nauseating yet adorable at the same time. My heart was truly warmed when I learned that the family had had many offers from carnivals for the malformed piggie. Nuh-uh... we're not partin' with him. Two years later, dead (of natural causes).

Next... Rusty, a two legged dog that got around very well with half his limbs. Very inspirational... until he got run over by the neighbors truck and had another leg crushed. Two years later, after a gazillion dollars of surgery and treatment, he died too...

Finally, a dog that does ballroom dancing (or the canine equivalent...) and tours the senior home circuit. Not dead yet, but those dog years go fast.

Thank God for Public Television. Thirty-five dollars a year (not to mention your tax money) gets you the best lower-middle brow "edificatainment" in the corn belt.


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