Thursday, September 02, 2004

Andrew Sullivan - So long, and thanks for all the kitsch.

Well, it's really and truly official. Even though he was impressed by W's speech, Andrew is not going to support him.

Oh well... that's the beauty of living in this country, Andrew. There are "rough men" who will defend you. Although he's not a soldier, George W. Bush is one of those men. He may not support gay marriage, but I'll bet that he would step in if you were being pounded by a bunch of gay-bashing cretins.

Hey, you can afford to be cavalier and support Kerry. You're smart enough to know that there's not much chance that he won't win. Hell, given where you live your vote would be wasted anyway. Might as well vote your conscience. Or at least your predilections.

My thoughts about Mr. Sullivan can be found here. Looks like I was right. Too bad. I truly hoped that he had more historical perspective.


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