Monday, September 20, 2004

Bill Leonard: Please Stay Retired... Okay?

News Flash!!! The "survival of the planet" is at stake. If you don't vote for John Kerry, we're doomed!!!

At least that's what Bill Leonard shouts from the Register's Anti-Bush pulpit with the fervor of a revival tent preacher.

Here's a sample of Mr. Leonard's lunacy:
* Someday - after the last tree has been cut from the last acre of
wilderness to feed the insatiable greed of the loggers, and after the mudslides
from the clear-cut mountains have destroyed the last trout streams.

* Someday - after Yellowstone has become a barren ground for off-road vehicles,
and all the national parks have been sold off (for peanuts) to the mining

* Someday - after tax-supported agricultural programs have
replaced the last family farms with factory farms whose stench has made outdoor
Iowa a health hazard.

Jeez Bill, you're kind of a raving moonbat.

He then goes on with some Malthsusian hogwash:

One of the most crucial elements in the desperate battle to save the world's resources is population control, an obvious imperative in a world that every day posts a net gain of 220,000 souls, a huge share of them born into hunger and hopelessness.
Hey Bill, you may want to read this. You're still back in the late '60s, my man. Paul R. Ehrlich was as dead wrong as he could be. The famines of the 1970s never happened. It's okay... calm down boyo.

I know you don't want to hear this Bill, but the best population control is affluence. The the road to affluence is globalization and free markets. Sorry.

The capper of it all is when Bill gives us an ecological history lesson:

The ultimate example is North Africa, once part of the Mediterranean's "Fertile Crescent." Centuries ago, heedless residents so abused their lush surroundings that the garden became the Sahara Desert - incapable of recovery because the destruction changed the entire subclimate
Uh... no Bill. The Sahara desert is not now nor ever has been part of the "Fertile Crescent". The Fertile Crescent is in Asia Minor... mostly Iraq to be exact.

Go back to your retirement Bill. You're very upset and I think it's time for your medication... or at least a stiff scotch. Here's some reading for you so you can chill a bit. It's really not so bad these days... unless you're a strident Kerry supporter.

When you have some time, you may also want to brush up on your history, general science and geography... before you write another guest column.


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