Saturday, September 18, 2004

Woody Allen - American Treasure

Hold on to your hat now.

The man the French hired as a spokesman to get Mid-America to select Paris as a tourist destination after they cornholed us in the UN Security Council is not a GW Bush supporter.

The former funnyman and the country’s best known neurotic-incestuous-hypochondriac-nebbish told a Spanish television interviewer:

"If you observe him [Bush], it's quite amusing, if you listen to him as he speaks, if you follow him closely it would provide you a great many laughs. But it's the perfect example of islands of comedy, comic moments against a very, very tragic background,"
Woody, you haven't made a decent film since Hannah and Her Sisters You boned your common law step daughter in the house you shared with she and her mother.

If you lived in rural Kentucky, you'd be simple trailer trash. Seeing that you live in New York you're nuanced, amoral, self indulgent, postmodern, nihilist, rent-controlled apartment trash.


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