Saturday, September 25, 2004

The Goat

I'm in my second play in the last 17 years. Hey, it's looking like a trend.

It's a production of Edward Albee's The Goat. It's about Martin - about a 50 year old successful architect who has an ongoing carnal relationship with... yep... a goat. He's secret is discovered and man... the family fun that ensues.

No... I do not play the goat, okay. I play Ross, Martin's best friend and publisist.

The rest of the cast is very, very good. If Kim Grimaldi (the actress who plays Martin's wife Steevie) is half as good as her readthrough... we'll, she's going to blow peoples socks off. The role is a powerhouse (the awesome Mercedes Ruehl played Stevie on Broadway) and Kim seems more than up for the task.

Tom Geraty is playing Martin. He's definitely a pro - using his rehersal time to work, not impress. He's got a lot goin' on, but he's working with it, being careful and exploratory in rehersal. Dean Krouch plays Billy - the happy couple's 18 year old son - and is also very good.

Much fun so far and much work to do.


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