Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Quelle Surprise, Non? - You Win by Fighting Back

The Belmont Club has a short piece on how the Israelies have beaten back the Intefada. How...? By taking out the perpitrators and building a wall to keep them out of Israel.

The most remarkable thing about Israel's campaign against the Intifada was not it's adoption of new warfighting concepts, like Europe's Human Security Doctrine, but its reversion to the oldest method of all: winning by fighting back. Social historians in the future, should we ever attain it, may endlessly wonder how it was possible for Western European and liberal American intellectuals to forget 5,000 years of military experience in favor of the slogans, some composed facetiously, of the Peace Movement of the 1960s.
It's really mind blowing to think of how accepted the simplistic, pacifist numbskullery of the 60's became common wisdom with the baby boomers.

Well... 9/11 was the last straw for this baby boomer.


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