Tuesday, November 09, 2004

greenman Responds

Me snarky...? Foaming at the mouth greenman, moi???

First, I was not trying to put words in your mouth. Your own words were quite enough, thank you - and I'll get to that in a bit. I did clearly stated that the comments that you site in your rebuttal were anecdotal (and a much broader sample of two, by the way), from my own experience.

Most of the Democrats I know (including my own wife) voted for Kerry at the limbic level. Most of the arguments I heard were grounded in fear, nurtured by envy and expressed in childish projection that would make even a liberal New York psychotherapist bush.
Second and last, when you can write:

If your party has decided to court and cater to the lowest common denominator (people who take pride in their ignorance and respect those most like them) than alas those who do not fall into this group may have to expect to be painted with the same brush.
... and not grasp the irony of calling me "snarky". Whoo-wee greenman...

If what you say is true, then you better look on your side of the fence. The people that serve as the sheer, numerical foundation of the Democrat party are just as ignorant, just as un-self discovered, just as shallow, just as... well... common as the Nascar Dads and Born Again Moms that make up the Republican base.

There is, of course one important difference. The unwashed masses... the drones, the rock on which the Democrats build their church can't seem to reliably support themselves or their families.

And I would suggest to you that is why they're Democrats.

Base motives in politics...? Democrats and Republicans both. I'm shocked greenman, SHOCKED.

As for being painted with the same brush, I'll proudly share the same canvas with those beer drinking, Nascar watching, deer hunting yahoos who, despite their horrible lot in life, manage to pay their rent, feed their children and often send them to college. I'll cast my lot with those brave enough not not swollow the Democrat/Socialist hogwash that there's no way to better yourself or your station... that is... without voting for us.


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