Monday, February 28, 2005

The End of the Beginning?

That Churchill (Winston, not Ward) quote seems apt this week. Even with today's car bombing that took over 130 patriotic Iraqis, it's been amazing.

50,000+ march in Beruit and the government falls. The Lebanese want the Syrians out.

President Baby Assad magically finds Saddam's half brother in Syria (shocking... no?) and coughs him up to the Iraqi government.

Snubbed by Condi, Mubarak at least pays lip service to free elections in Egypt.

Tel Aviv hit by a suicide bomber, Israel points the finger at Syria and Sharon gives President Mahmoud Abbas a chance to get his house in order. Mahmoud baby, I'd take care of business if I were you. This is your chance.

And all of this is of course an incredible cosmic coincidence.

Yeah, right.


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