Sunday, June 26, 2005

Making Political Hay out of 9/11

A Republican recently used 9/11 in a political gambit that makes my stomach churn and my skin crawl.

That mastermind of evil, Karl Rove...?

Not by half. It's this bonehead.
''Ask the men and women who stood on top of the Trade Center. Ask them and they will tell you: Pass this amendment."
I may be ill.

Now, why isn't the MSM all over this?

Okay - you knew I'd venture a guess. Because their precious 1st Amendment is negotiable when there's political points to be scored and/or damage control to be done for the Democrats. And - thanks to the Constitution - this steaming pile of Flag Burning Amendment had to pass the House by a 2/3's majority. Which means that many, many Democrats participated in this facile political showboating. Friggin cretins.

And the MSM response...Crickets chirping.

So... let's just sit this one out, okay. Sure, it stinks?... but we can ignore it. It's all for a greater cause after all... World Brotherhood & Peace... and shafting the Republicans at every - no matter how inconsistent or hypocritical - opportunity.

Rove's comments...? Oh, come on now. Prominent Democrats have weekly said more offensive - and much worse, way more hyperbolic and ... how shall I say this... mendacious - things about the Bush Administration and the War Terror.

Sure, Rove was painting liberals with a very broad brush. Let's grow up now shall we...

That's. His. Job.

He's the political Machiavelli/Svengali behind the stolen elections of 2000 and 2004 after all.

Hey Democrats and MSM (is there a difference, after all): Sell your silly feigned indignation somewhere else - I ain't buyin' it.


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