Friday, July 08, 2005

Ames High School Student Discovers How to End to All Bad Stuff in Life

How awesome. And it's just so simple:
We can no longer just click off the television set following a half-hour news program filled with murder, rape, torture, theft, and suffering. There are questions we must ask ourselves - what if it were me? What about my friend? Brother? Daughter? Father?

Of course, these questions alone are the main ingredients in a recipe for deep depression. We can neither shield ourselves by ignoring the misery of others nor become so deeply immersed in empathy that we feel too crushed to function.

The only solution that comes to mind would be to eliminate suffering itself. Then we wouldn't have to ignore it or have it keeping us awake at night.
That's it!!! Eliminate suffering simply by changing human nature and ridding the world of evil. Man... why didn't someone think of this before?

Great going Beth! We'll get right on that.

Visit 29 who doesn't take issue with the Fisher Price premise of the piece - but with the questionable source of the kid's huge revelation and why the Register day care provider/editor didn't catch it.

Update: 29 takes Beth to school and exposes her to the Fiskcratic teaching method. Courage Beth... courage.


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