Friday, October 28, 2005

Excuse me Rekha, is that drool on your chin?

Yeah, she can almost taste it. Rekha gives us Howard Dean's talking points in the guise of an OpEd piece written by the daughter of United Nations apparatchiks.

My favorite part:
He failed to respond decisively on first learning of the three most cataclysmic events to occur during his administration - Sept. 11, 2001; Dec. 26, 2004 (the Asian tsunami); and Aug. 29, 2005 (Hurricane Katrina). In the latter case, victims were locked in a Superdome with rotting bodies while the federal government forked out $236 million to Carnival Cruise Lines to take other refugees cruising.
First, I'd probably not put 9/11 in the same category as the tsunami and Hurricane Katrina. There's a subtle but definite difference between natural disasters and an act of war.

Next, I can't believe your dragging out Bush's immediate reaction to learning of the 9/11 attacks. What was he supposed to do? Stop reading to those kids, grab one of his Secret Service agents' side arms, run out of that classroom and start shooting anyone who looked remotely Middle Eastern? Oh please.

And, as I recall, you objected to our going after the Taliban in Afghanistan. You were against the Patriot Act. Oh, I know... Bush should have handed the matter to the UN for... well whatever harsh language that they use for such matters.

As for the Tsunami, the American (as well as Australian) armed forces were the first responders to that disaster. They actually delivered water, food and shelter to the victims of that disaster while UN bigwigs were forming committees and dining at 21.

And Katrina, Katrina, Katrina. I'm surprised that you didn't bring up the 10,000 death figure and cannibalism at the Superdome.

Look, I've got huge problems with Bush and agree that he needs a lesson in admitting and taking responsibility for errors. But Rekha bases her criticisms of Bush on the presumption of perfidy - not only of Bush as President but of our country as global citizen. This presumption is based upon belief in Transnational Progressivism and that funny old sot of an uncle we keep in the attic - socialism.

Basu's point of view shouldn't surprise me at this point, but when her combination of vitriol and tired, discredited philosophy runs this rampant - I'm still taken aback.


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