Thursday, October 27, 2005

Here Comes a Pulitzer, Baby!

The Register
has hard hitting investigative reporting in its front page story today. Hold on to your hats people, this will be life changing. You ready? Most drivers ignore Iowa's 70 mph limit.
Over the past three months, 67 percent of motorists exceeded 70 mph and 25 percent of them drove faster than 75 mph, state records show. Four percent exceeded 80 mph. Overall, the average speed on Iowa's rural interstates has inched up nearly a half-mile per hour to 71.86 mph.
Holy crap! 71.86 mph!!!

And then there's this shocking revelation from "Sgt. Genie":
"The Iowa State Patrol is not happy because our goal is 100 percent compliance" with the speed limit, said Sgt. Genie Clemens , a patrol spokeswoman. "We are going to do the best we can with the people that we have in order to make people comply with the law."
Well, that just won't do Sgt. Genie. We citizens of the great state of Iowa deserve and demand 100 percent compliance. Until then, expect the intrepid investigative reporters of the Des Moines Register will be watching you... always watching.


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