Monday, January 19, 2004

It's Over... Thank You Jesus

At this writing, we seem to have a winner. With 67% of the results in, it's John "Kennedy Hair" Kerry with 38%. Kerry is followed closely by Edwards with 33%. Dean a distant third with 18%. Gephardt... 11% - goodbye. Kucinich had a whopping 1% topping both Liberman (wow!) and Sharpton.

The Dean campaign chairwoman just came on the local CBS affiliate and had a ten-thousand yard stare on big time. She blubbered about how Dean loves to be an underdog and covets that position going into New Hampshire. Yeah... right. Be brave.

The turnout so far has been way lower than predicted. The record in 1988 was 124,000. Right now, attendance sits at about 84,000. Well, it's cold. And, perhaps the Democrat true believers are as riled up as we were led to believe.

God, I'm glad it's over. The growing crescendo of campaign advertising that we've endured over the last few months has been brutal. This is my second Iowa Caucus as an Iowa resident. It kind of reminds me of the musical Brigadoon. Iowa appears from the mist of obscurity every four years. Strangers enter our enchanted land. There's romance, a bit of conflict and a lot of song and dance. Then, back into the mist we go. Back to the sleepy-time land of soy futures, no rush hour traffic and decent public schools.

And none too soon.


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