Sunday, September 26, 2004

Moonbat Basu in Full Howling Splendor

This may be it. This may be the most lame, sad and weak column she's ever written. Rekha's column today is so confused... so desperate... such a perfect storm of Kerry Campaign talking points fueled by utter ignorance of American history and character.

Last week, Britain's Guardian newspaper ran poll results showing 71 percent of the British - including members of Prime Minister Tony Blair's own party - want a date for the withdrawal of troops from Iraq.
Al-Guardian eh? Makes me wonder just a little bit about the survey methodology. And the "members of Tony Blair's own party..." are liberal Labor party members, for God's sake.

And you know, the British people understand (as do the people in the rest of Europe) that the U.S. is the real hammer in Iraq and in the War on Terror in general. They can afford to be pacifists... no worries, the cop is on the beat.

That's the opposite of U.S. voters, a majority of whom say we should stay
as long as it takes - even though most don't believe President Bush has a clear
Rekha, you have part of it right. The majority of the American people do not want another Vietnam. Specifically, they do not want another "walk away from the job" defeat.

I believe that this is an honest mistake on your part. You'll never understand Jacksonian America. As the child of United Nations aparachiks you just don't have a frame of reference.

We must be so peculiar to you. You know that we're good folks. How can we believe such awful, reactionary things? We must be taught.

And so - away we go - faulty intelligence, no WMD (yeah... right), Abu Ghraib, Richard Clark, Paul O'Neil, should be going after al-Qaida, Joseph Wilson/Valery Plame. It's all about the oil!!!

Pay no attention to the Rathergate. It was an honest mistake. Listen to Kofi... he knows what's best.

Oh Rekha, you poor thing. Maybe on November 3rd, you and Rob will find yourselves in such liberal disappointment and disillusionment that you'll decide to leave Iowa to live in your beloved Europe.

Bush re-elected - Rob and Rekha gone. Man, that would be some twofer!


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