Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Rekha Basu Pool Anyone?

After reading Rekha's column today, I have a suggestion for Iowa bloggers. It's pretty simple...

Let's predict what lame and debunked Democrat talking point Rekha will use as the foundation for her column. Today it's the silly rumor about Bush's evil plot to reinstate the draft.

But Harkin's press secretary, Maureen Knightly, says it's the path Bush is inevitably heading us down. "If George W. Bush is re-elected, there's no guarantee of what could happen - particularly as the National Guard and reservists are being stretched so thin, and re-extended," she said.

Could it come to that?

If it does, the Iraq war will start to look a lot more like Vietnam. And imagine what that could set off in an America already deeply divided by the war, and just about everything else
Tom Harkin's press secretary - now there's a reliable source. I wonder if Rekha asked a follow up question regarding Harkin's "service" in Vietnam?

Thirty-three days and counting until Basu Baffelment begins in earnest. I can't wait.


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