Saturday, September 04, 2004

Righteous Anger = Hate... Just ask Andrew

Sullivan is digging up old... really old dirt on Zell Miller.

Let's see... He's "hateful". He's a "liar". He's a "bigot"... oh, excuse me Andrew... a "proud bigot".

And, most importantly, where was Cheney's lesbian daughter???!!!

The Republicans talk about family values; but they believe in disappearing their loved ones when politics demands it.
And there you go. Now the Republicans are not just Nazis. They're Stalinists as well... airbrushing the unwanted and banned out of family portraits.

For anyone who had any doubts, this pretty strongly supports the idea that it won't be the "blue" state "conservatives" who lead the defense of this country. Their courage tends to be of the hothouse flower variety. When things get nasty, as things in war inevitably will... they wilt.

Or... in an alternate (and even less flattering...) option, imagine that Bush had not backed the anti-gay marriage amendment. Would Sullivan be as shocked and appalled at Zell's hot rhetoric...?


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