Wednesday, November 10, 2004

He Just Doesn't Get It

So much to respond to, but I'll pick one thing and try to be brief.

Sorry but for most people it is a fairly slim chance. Hey, I'm not saying it's not worth trying if that's all that matters to you. But there is a finite amount of wealth in the world and there a lot of very poor unhappy people who've been sold on an "American Dream" that is a rare thing indeed.
Man greenman I'm so glad I don't see the world through your eyes.

Okay, first of all... success is not about chance. It's about work. It's about the opportunity to make something of yourself. Granted, chance plays a part in the game. When I was an actor, the people I saw become successful did so through their drive, discipline and determination. They did their homework. They went to every audition. They were there, prepared and ready for the chance.

Compared to show business (there's a reason they don't call it "show art"), the business world is all cush. My God there's all kinds of opportunity. And you don't have to be a workaholic to do well. I'm certainly not. I have a very happy balance between family, work, friends and hobbies. I make a very good living and still had time to commit to a production at Stage West.

Next - it's not worth trying if that's all that matters to you...? So, if you want to work a go-nowhere job, that's a choice, right? More power to you. If that makes you happy, that's totally cool. Really, I mean it. But that's your choice.

"But there is a finite amount of wealth in the world..." WRONG, WRONG, WRONG kiddo. It seems that you're the sucker. You've been sold the "zero sum game" catechism. You poor thing, no wonder you're such a downer.

Ever wonder why they call it "making money"? When you work, you create value out of the effort of your labor. It's making something out of nothing in the same way that "making love" is. It's a beautiful thing, truly. Again, I really mean this.

The "American Dream" is working right now. Those in "poverty" enjoy a higher standard of living in this country than the middle class had - even after World War II. The American Dream is not necessarily about becoming wealthy (I'm certainly not...). It's about the freedom to live your life the way you choose, by your own means. And you can't have one without the other. If the government supports you, it's sure as shit gonna try to tell you how to live.

greenman, I'm by no means an absolutist. I do believe in a safety net. Nobody should starve. Nobody should go homeless. But...

We've gone way too far toward socialism in the past 40 years. The pendulum has a long way to swing back to the right before we're at anything resembling the center. I therefore play my humble part in the dialectic; pissing off those that think that they have a right to someone else's property or money just because they "need" it.

Anyway, it's been fun. How about for our next topic we talk about Abortion rights and Gun rights and how they are fundamentally the same. You see, I'm a member of the NRA and Planned Parenthood (you can only imagine the mailing lists I'm on!). And in my world, that's not inconsistent in the least.


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