Thursday, September 30, 2004


CBS reporter Richard Schlesinger interviewed by INDC about the debunked "bush is going to reinstate the draft" emails.

Schlesinger: "The fact is, they were going around. I know several people that got them, and it's gotten people all riled up. Whether or not there's any reality to there being a draft, is almost besides the point. Do I think there's going to be a draft? No. But it's an issue that people are talking about."
Emphasis mine.

Yep... people are talking about it, and we need to keep 'em talking. We've only got a month after all.

He later said there was it was completely coincidental that CBS did everything they could do to squash the Swift Boat Veterans and pump up the Bush TNG service bru-ha-ha. He then, in what can only be described as a BDS Tourette spasm blurted out: "We will crush that ChimpyBush like the dirty little Nazi cockroach he is!!!


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