Monday, May 05, 2003

Rekha Gets National Attention

I was going to post a "Fisking" of Rekha's 5/2/03 piece "The bold, tragic, and too-brief journey of Rachel Corrie", but Charles at Little Green Footballs beat me to it. Hey Rekha, you're a Internet celebrity!

Read the piece and you will see the inaccuracies and downright lies in Rekha's canonization of St. Corrie the Flat.

Here's a picture that is unlike the one Rekha describes:

Rachel as a blond 13-year-old stands by a Polk Boulevard flower patch smiling, in a polka-dotted skirt.

She seems a little more angry in this picture and seems to be wearing her skirt on her head. Hey, what's she burning...? An American Flag...???!!! I'd like to see her try that on Polk Avenue.