Saturday, September 18, 2004

Woody Allen - American Treasure

Hold on to your hat now.

The man the French hired as a spokesman to get Mid-America to select Paris as a tourist destination after they cornholed us in the UN Security Council is not a GW Bush supporter.

The former funnyman and the country’s best known neurotic-incestuous-hypochondriac-nebbish told a Spanish television interviewer:

"If you observe him [Bush], it's quite amusing, if you listen to him as he speaks, if you follow him closely it would provide you a great many laughs. But it's the perfect example of islands of comedy, comic moments against a very, very tragic background,"
Woody, you haven't made a decent film since Hannah and Her Sisters You boned your common law step daughter in the house you shared with she and her mother.

If you lived in rural Kentucky, you'd be simple trailer trash. Seeing that you live in New York you're nuanced, amoral, self indulgent, postmodern, nihilist, rent-controlled apartment trash.
Mad at MADD

I have always felt it was a crime how Libby Dole and the Nervous Nellie schoolmarms at MADD rammed the 21 year old drinking age down our throats. Radley Balko thinks so too.

Friday, September 17, 2004


And I'm sure that they have the supporting documentation.

Poor Borsellino...

I feel sorry for the guy.

The problem was my husband, Rob. It would be an understatement to say
he didn't want a dog. He didn't even want to talk about it.

The next day was his birthday.I called him at work and joked I'd
found him the perfect birthday present, the cutest dog. He was unamused. I
described Nick. Rob reminded me of his no-dog position. I just kept on talking.
"You know how I feel," he said finally. "Do what you want."

It was all the green light I needed.

Then again... what a wimp.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

We're Evil, I Tell You... Eeee-vil!

You see, we were evil, stupid, deceitful and destructive 40 years ago. We have not grown. We are the same country now. John Kerry could have turned us toward the light. But instead, he is being seduced by the dark side.

But more than 30 years later, America has not turned. The lessons were not learned, as America again finds itself fighting a war in a country that posed no threat, trying to impose democracy on a culture that does not comprehend its meaning.
World War II... now that was a good war. We lost more men in the average week than we lost in a year a half in Iraq. But we were allied with the good old Soviet Union (God, I miss those guys)... so THAT was a good and moral fight.

For more anti-American, aging flower-child, world-government, socialist drivel... read this.

Or, just read as much as you can stand.
New Editorial Page Editor at the Register

Her name is Carol Hunter and comes to the Register from her Executive Editor post at the Green Bay Press-Gazette. I'm was sure, sure that the Register was going to add a moderate... or even conservative/libertarian voice to their choir.

Oh well...

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

It’s the CHURCH Police!

I have to stop watching TV. It’s taking years off of my life.

I decided to watch National Geographic’s Dawn of the Maya this evening.

I learned some very interesting things I did not know about Mayan civilization.

I also learned that the actual human sacrifice of the Mayans was morally equivalent to the ritual blood sacrifice of Christ’s crucifixion. It then blames the Catholic Church for wiping away the Mayan religion.

Why did the Catholic missionaries put the hammer down on these free and natural people…? Because the good friars got incensed when the Mayans decided to bump their religion up a notch by crucifying children. And of course it was OUR fault because of all of that bloody, violent Iberian-Catholic crucifixion imagery.

Hey, I’m no fan of the Spanish Inquisition, but compared to Torquemada, these Mayan Priests were pros.

Why, oh why does there always have to be the obligatory slam at the Western Tradition on PBS? How much longer must we be made to feel shame and guilt for our culture and impose sainthood on every other dead-end failure?

Then, the program held up the Mayans as an ecological moral lesson. Reckless monoculture brought their great civilization down.

Hey, kill innocent people to appease the Maize God…? It was a grand, noble culture and we stamped out the one tenuous connection these perfect, indigenous people had to their golden past. For shame!

Upset Gaia by changing the environment…? How reckless, dangerous and ecologically unforgivable of them. No wonder they fell from grace. How foolish.

How... Republican.

Hey PBS... I just wanted to learn a little about the Mayans.
A Line Has Been Crossed

We could be living through a seminal historic event.

The editorial content of the report was not based solely on the physical documents, but also on numerous credible sources who supported what the documents said.


And, if you did not have these fake, but accurate..." memos, you would have run with this?


If this steaming pile of " ...the meaning of 'is' is." argument stands unchallenged by the rest of the mainstream media, we are at a crossroads. Silly me... I've always wanted to live in interesting times. I think that things are going to get very interesting pretty darned quick.

I think the "culture war" will likely go from cold to very, very warm. Maybe even hot.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Jonah Goldberg - In NRO

Smart. Witty. Devastating.

A quick refresher in world history. Prior to World War I, the world was a huge ball of molten slag and gaseous muck. But that's not important right now. Immediately prior to World War I, the world was divvied up into huge power blocs, basically known as empires. The rulers, bureaucrats, aristocrats, intellectuals, and guys in funny wigs running these empires refused to accept that their way of life was unsustainable, that the curtain was closing on their chapter under the sun ("Jonah Goldberg doesn't merely mix metaphors, he snaps their spines!" — self-blurb). A relatively unknown loser (no offense to the PowerLine guys, Freep, et al.) shot Arch Duke Ferdinand and the whole house of cards came down. Some empires were obliged to help their allies. Others were just greedy, seeing opportunities in others' weakness. The point — which doesn't warrant extremely close inspection — is that the giants seemed extremely powerful right until they fell over.

Go read it.

Monday, September 13, 2004

Oh My God!!! It's Chaos!!!

As I write this, there's a man running down my street firing an assault rifle at a group of school children walking home. Wait... there's another man with an Uzi holding up an old lady crossing the street. Hoo boy! Now they're in a raging firefight.

Oh s#@t... they're heading toward my house.

They've shot the lock off of my door!

No... please, God NOOOOOOOO!!!

Sunday, September 12, 2004

Sullivan's 9/11 Silence

I think it hugely telling that Andrew Sullivan has no postings... nothing dated Saturday, September 11th, 2004.

No stirring reminder of what this war is about. No memorial. No nothin'.

It's almost as if 9/11/2001 is not really important any more... as if there are more important issues on which one should focus one's energies.

Yep, things are back to normal. Nothing to worry about. No sir-ree Bob... not when there are hammocks to lie around in, beautiful P-Town sunsets to experience and a $160,000 annual blog stipend to spend.