Friday, January 30, 2004

Yes, But the Trains Ran on Time...

Ah... Rekha Basu, fine liberal/progressive that she is, pines for the good old days of Saddam's Baathist dictatorship in Iraq.

Whatever else can be said about Saddam Hussein's rule in Iraq - and plenty of terrible things can - repression of women's legal rights was not one. For 40 years, Iraq's women were considered among the most advanced in the region. They could drive, pursue professions, be educated alongside men, inherit property, dress as they chose and assume equal protection under the laws. Rights were actually enshrined in Baath party doctrine. (emphasis Mine)

Have you noticed that Rekha never pays anything but passing acceptance to the horrors of Saddam's dictatorship. And, on the rare occasion that she does, it always ends with a "but"...

Sure, he killed hundreds of thousands... but...
Yeah, he started wars of aggression... but...
Okay, he brutally suppressed freedom of speech... but...

This week, she's worried about women's rights. Excuse me, Rekha... but there really was no "equal protection under the laws" in Saddam Hussein's Baathist paradise. Saddam's word was law. Women could do anything they wanted as long as they or their family, or their lover, or anyone who held affection for them did not question Saddam's rule. Or, as long as they were not found attractive by one of his miscreant sons or henchmen... Or were not a Shia... Or a Kurd...

If only we had done nothing, Rekha's argument goes, women's rights (for select Baathist women, that is...) would not have been "threatened". We should have known this! We are responsible for this horrible instability. What will happen now? Didn't we have a PLAN!!!???

Yes, had we not liberated Iraq, Suni Arab women loyal to Saddam would have still been living the high life.

And the body count would have ticked up every month. The mass graves would have continued to be to be filled with men, women and children. There would be no free press. (one wonders how Rekha cannot see the beauty of this product of liberation...?). European oil money would be filling Saddam's coffers.

And all of this is aside from the threat that Saddam (in the guise of his Islamo-Fascist allies of the moment), would still be posing to the United States and the rest of the free world.

God, what an amazingly selective, hypocritical and evil manipulation of the concept of women's rights. Like most of her ilk, Rekha uses cornerstones of Western liberal tradition as tactics... weapons against her adopted country and western civilization.

Fortunately, she and her fellow travelers are getting so twisted and bizarre in their arguments that their goals are becoming transparent for anyone one with reasonable intelligence and integrity. In their desperation, the arguments they employ are getting downright goofy.

However, no matter how many times logic and reason are butchered by Rekha and her friends, they will continue to try to paint a no-win situation in Iraq. The coalition cannot succeed in their task of helping Iraq build a pluralistic, tolerant republic. That would only incite the US to defend itself again.

This cannot be allowed. The world community must have final say in such matters. Self-defence without UN approval is aggression. American hegemony and globalization must be stopped. If that means that brutal dictators are allowed to slaughter their own people... so be it.

Expect the arguments from Rekha and her pals to become crazier the closer we get to election day. The more tangible our successes in Iraq, the more desparate they will become. Hold on tight.

Update: Jeff at Tusk and Talon has a lot to add!!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Beware of Language Translation Algorithms

From the Google translation of a Le Monde article covering French officials on Saddam's payroll:

Saddam Hussein rewarded his/her foreign friends, in particular all those who were the zealoies of its mode and were made the ambassadors of them. That was known. More than ten months after the fall of the Iraqi dictatorship, of the elements of proof were published for the first time, Sunday January 25, by an independent newspaper Al-Mada ( the Horizon ).

Whew... well, yeah!

Via Instapundit... as if I need to link him...

Sunday, January 25, 2004

One Taco Short of a Combination Plate

Howard Dean's bark was missing its bite. And his socks were missing their warp. Not to mention their woof. He was flashing his ankles, his old black socks threadbare above the heels, showing beneath the same old gray suit he wears day after day.

Maureen Dowd, self amused and incoherent in her Sunday column.

And it goes downhill from there.
Iowa Quote of the Day

"...this irrelevant little white state in the middle of nowhere." Iowan Rob Borsellino describing his state (in the context of the recent Iowa Cacuses) on channel 13 News.