Saturday, September 11, 2004

3 Years Ago

Never forget.

Never forgive.

Never surrender.

Thursday, September 09, 2004

Bush National Guard Memo Pushed on 60 Minutes - Forgery

Ooops. Looks like CBS is so committed to getting GW Bush out of office that they are getting downright sloppy, stupid or... how shall we say... morphing into lying sacks of s&*t. Say it ain't so Mr. Rather!

Here's a link to a memo purported to be from 1973. Notice something odd?

Remember typewriters? I do. And I don't know of any typewriter that can create proportionally spaced fonts.

Partisan idiots or partisan liars? Take your pick.


Update - My God, but I do love the Blogosphere! Whoo-hoo!!!... it gets better!

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

The 1,000 Mark

Watching The Today Show this morning. There having a dark festival marking the 1,000th serviceman's death in Iraq. Oh that the budgets for the mainstream media were included in the campaign finance numbers. The imbalance would be staggering.

And you want to know how off key their message is...? Bush is going to win... and I suspect win big.

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Heather Asks: Where's Mary?

Got a comment from Heather P. who is apparently associated with Dear Mary. That page is in turn supported by these folks. They are fighting the "Defense of marriage Act" in court. and using Mary Cheney's recent non-appearance at the GOP Convention as a lever... hot button... whatever.

Where WAS Dick Cheney's lesbian daughter? Not within camera range of the
SCLM for sure...Heather P. 09.07.04 - 10:42 am

First, I'm pretty sure that when Heather mentions the SCLM she doesn't mean this, unless she has a beef against "Big Blue".

Anyway, you know Heather, it's unfortunate that Cheney did not include Mary in the family portrait at the convention. And I find it odd and often uncomfortable that I've found myself in a coalition with the religious right.

Along with a lot that I found spot on (Zell Miller's withering critique of Democrat foreign policy over the last 35 years, for example) there were things that made me very uncomfortable. I'm pro-choice, pro-gay rights and anti big government. Yeah, I'm familiar with the Republican Platform on the first two issues. I'm also aware that GW Bush has spent money on social programs (everyone now: FOR THE CHILDREN!!!) like a sailor on a Tijuana shore leave.

You know, I'd much rather have my own personal perfect candidate - socially liberal (allow people to live the life that they wish to live as long as they do not directly cause tangible physical or financial harm to others or ask anyone else to finance their lifestyle), fiscally conservative (eliminate the social welfare state as much as possible and force people to be responsible for their own choices). And, you can't have one without the other Heather. For every responsibility you give up, you forfeit a right.

However, given the realities of the war, I will hold my nose, swallow hard and vote for Bush. And, if "W" needs to court the religious right to win, so be it.

Heather, if you think that the -never gonna pass- anti gay marriage amendment is the summit of critical issues facing this country, you are amazingly self-absorbed, have been asleep or willfully ignorant for the last three years. You can't force people into accepting you and the way you live your life. You should (and thank God, you DO in this country) , for the most part have the right to be left alone.

Civil unions - yes and some day even gay marriage - will be a reality in this country. It is an issue that will resolve over the next generation or two. I know Heather, it sucks to be born at the wrong time... able to glimpse a marvelous future... but not be able to live there.

I feel your pain. I was born the year the Space Age began and thought that by this time that we'd be living on the Moon, have colonies on Mars and making our way to the stars. Bummer.

But, you know, something tells me that you and I are the first human beings to experience this.

Hell, it would have been great to live in a previous generation, when pale-penis-people like me RULED... literally. But then again, I would have had to had dealt with downers like polio, typhus, cholera, tainted food, no antibiotics and having lots of kids so that I could make up for the 2 in 5 that died in childhood.

Get yourself some historical perspective, Heather. There's a much bigger fish to fry right now. The people that are trying to kill us would not only NOT allow you to marry (presuming you are a lesbian) your partner... they would kill you both... slowly, painfully and publicly.

But then, I forgot... Bushitler MUST be defeated. Because... because... Kerry's public position on Gay Marriage is about 5 degrees to the left of Bush's.

Monday, September 06, 2004

Ex-Chomskyite's Road to Damascus

Amazing essay by an East Coast ex-lefty. Just one or many gems:

The distinctiveness of Judaism, its very sense of itself, was offensive to
the ideology to which I had paid piper for so long, and thus the turn into
anti-semitism was an inevitability of liberal philosophy. Most dangerously
of all, liberalism's adherents felt themselves incapable of such thinking,
for they believed their ideology to be a prophylactic against anti-semitism,
when, in fact, anti-semitism was the result of that very ideology

Read the whole thing. Hat tip - Roger Simon.