Saturday, January 28, 2006


I've been extraordinarily busy at work, at home and in the field the last couple of months. Something had to take a back seat - and blogging was that thing.
Hey... It's Not Piss Christ

But... it's way funnier! You know, if Tom Lehrer were stil funny, instead of a old lefty prude, he might have writen it.
What Amazing Assclowns

The Democrats are getting close to their version of the Republicans' 1964 moment. This could be their opportunity to reform. However, given what 1968, 1972 and 1994 taught them, we may be seeing their well deserved unraveling.

If the Democrats, lead by the Kos kiddies take the party to a political dirt nap, - my hope is that a coalition of common sensical, federalist-leaning, socially liberal, pro-defense, fiscal conservatives, seize the opportunity and take the center ground.

I would join them.

I do not relish the fact that I have become a de facto Republican. Unfortunately, the Democrats - especially given their antics since 9/11 have left me with no viable option.

May their dangerous, childish antics continue - yeah, like they're gonna stop now - and lead them quickly to true reform or their demise.

Lookie here, here, and here. Hey... I never claimed to have an original thought in my head...

Update: Tom Maguire has much more on this and how the DLC is trying to keep the children in line.