Saturday, November 06, 2004

Thank God It's Over

Or is it?

First, kudos to Kerry for his next day concession. Ya see, he does have a bit of patrician class as well as disdain. He also appeared human for the first time in two years. Good on ya Senator Kerry.

Mr. Edwards - well... your concession speech was a bit lacking. But that's okay. Now we can say bye bye to you, you preening, ambulance chasing, c-section boosting pretty boy. I suspect that the Democrats will want nothing to do with you in 2008. Oh... sincere best wishes for your wife. I mean that. I wish Mrs. Edwards a swift and complete recovery. Thank goodness that life is not neat, tidy and poetically just. If it were, you would not be able to find a physician willing to treat her.

Register Editorial Board - Time to gear up for 2008. Enough healing and unity for crying out loud. It's time to mobiles! Those reptilian-brained flyover country bumpkin nitwits and their reality denying, anti-gay "moral values", fascist, neo-colonialist must be exposed for the hateful, election stealing (winning... whatever) running dogs they are.

Rekha Basu - I think that voting in one presidential election is enough for you. Canada beckons. Can you hear its siren call. Psst... Rekha... come home to the metric system, loonies, . Come back to a place where you can live in safety under the umbrella of American "hyperpower" and safely curse your protectors. Wait a minute ... you can do that HERE. Nevermind Rekha. Just keep on angstin'. We'll keep on reading your columns and shaking our heads.

Iowa Bloggers - especially State 29 - excellent job of "watching the watchers".

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Celebrate Good Times, Come On!!

Bush wins. Come on Kedwards, concede Ohio you pitiful wankers.

Looks like Bush wins Iowa. Hey, my vote counted!

Almost as good - Rekha says she's moving to Canada! (sorry... this is not online - only in the print edition) Hope you enjoy the six month wait for your next pap smear.

Kind of a downer (but it won't squash my buzz) - looks like Rob may be staying.

Now, I can stop defending Bush and return to my libertarian... what? Core? Roots? Center?